Frequencies Wanted!

On some Amateur bands in many areas, there are few if any frequencies available upon which a new repeater can be coordinated without causing harmful interference.

Sometimes we discover that we have a repeater coordinated that has been inoperative for some time, and will not be placed back on the air. These frequencies need to be made available for new repeaters.

It is important that repeater operators who have inoperative repeaters be considerate of their fellow Amateurs by releasing unused frequencies. Please be honest and realistic about the likelihood of your repeater being placed back into operation. I am sure that we could grant more coordination’s if we knew about every unused frequency out there.

We realize that circumstances occur that interrupts the continuous operation of a repeater. If a repeater experiences technical problems, the best way to protect the coordination is to let us know what is going on. If we are aware of the situation, we will hold your coordination valid for a reasonable time, to permit repair or replacement of components.

We have no desire to de-coordinate repeaters when the operator is making a good faith effort to restore operation.

We do, however need to identify and make available frequencies, which are not going to be utilized in the reasonable future.