Recognized Coordination

Does your Repeater have a Recognized Coordination?
From time to time organizations emerge who issue “repeater coordinations” but are not recognized by the organizations representing repeater coordinators, or by other recognized repeater coordinators. These groups often attempt to gain popularity by granting “coordinations” that recognized coordinators will not grant because they do not adhere to good amateur practice, particularly from the standpoint of spacing. This often results in serious interference to and from existing systems, seriously degrading the usefulness of these systems.

If your repeater is coordinated by the
Indiana Repeater Council
You have a recognized coordination.
Repeaters “coordinated” by rogue coordinators are not protected from interference from existing and new systems. It is important that your system has a coordination from a recognized coordinator. This is beneficial to you because your system will be protected from repeated, harmful interference from systems which otherwise might be coordinated on your frequency and could actually have priority over your system. This will also allow you to continue to operate your system in the future, in the event that repeater coordination becomes mandatory.

The Indiana Repeater Council is the recognized repeater coordinator for Indiana. We have been coordinating Indiana repeaters since 1971.We are a charter member of the NFCC, the liaison between the coordinating community and the FCC. We are a member of the Mid America Coordinating Conference, the umbrella organization for most of the recognized repeater coordinators in the northern U.S. We are the only coordinator in Indiana recognized by the NFCC, MACC, ARRL, SERA, the organization representing the recognized repeater coordinators in the southeastern US and by the states adjacent to Indiana.

The Indiana Repeater Council does not require membership nor do we charge to benefit from our services.  Be sure your system is protected with a recognized coordination.